The new SureFire MasterFire Pro Rapid Deploy Holster brings many features to the table that other holsters simply don’t.

Released in 2017, the original SureFire MasterFire Rapid Deploy Holster was designed to provide utility and weapon compatibility levels not seen in modern handgun holsters. As such, it was an unqualified success. The MasterFire Pro series evolves to next-level performance over the legacy system by improving the security, ergonomics, and draw mechanics of the original.

MasterFire Pro Holster on the draw
The new Surefire MasterFire Pro Rapid Deploy Holster is a significant evolution of the original system conceived by company founder Dr. John Matthews. Improvements to the Pro model increase its security, utility, and draw-stroke performance.

The Pro model maintains the original MasterFire’s sturdy, lightweight polymer chassis but now incorporates a durable polymer holster cover that shrouds the weapon’s slide for minimal exposure and increased protection, and also gives the MasterFire Pro a more traditional enclosed appearance. The Pro model’s removable leg strap is also new. It provides additional holster stability during strenuous movement. There’s also a new, integrated accessory rail on the holster cover’s leading edge. It is designed to attach a variety of accessories and keep them close at hand. SureFire has also revised the release mechanism on the MasterFire Pro to facilitate a smoother, faster draw stroke than the original MasterFire. Last but not least, there is a left-handed model available for the roughly 10 percent of the shooting population that might need it.

With all its upgrades, the MasterFire Pro’s core mission remains unchanged: To be the most versatile open-carry holster on the market. An innovative interface with SureFire H-Series WeaponLights is the critical feature that helps this unique holster accomplish that mission. Weapon-mounted lights are proven to increase survivability in a gunfight because they improve low-light shooting accuracy and save vital fractions of a second by eliminating the need to operate a separate light with your support hand. Adding a weapon-mounted light/laser increases shooting efficiency even more because a laser, when properly zeroed, will show you exactly where you’re pointing your muzzle.

SureFire H-Series WeaponLights pack the same performance, control, and reliability found in SureFire’s class-leading X-Series WeaponLights, but the H chassis — not the gun — interfaces with the MasterFire holster. Because H-Series lights mount to virtually any rail-equipped handgun model, the MasterFire Pro can accommodate many handgun models simply by swapping your H-Series Weaponlight to a given gun’s accessory rail.

MasterFire Pro accommodates red dot optics and suppressors
The MasterFire Pro is available in left-hand as well as right-hand versions. Its durable polymer holster cover can be removed quickly and easily to accommodate handguns equipped with suppressors such as the SureFire SF Ryder 9-Ti2 shown here.

Fortunately, there are H-Series models to fit every budget, from the XH30 to the XH50 and XH400UH combination light/laser units. The XH400VH also offers infrared light and laser capability for use with NVGs. You can set the MasterFire Pro to automatically activate the WeaponLight/laser on these models when the gun is drawn and deactivate it when you holster the gun. You can also turn the feature off if your tactical strategy calls for it.

Red dot sights offer a myriad of advantages, and their popularity continues to increase. The MasterFire Pro can accommodate red dot-equipped handguns with or without the holster cover in place. Having a red dot sight and a dedicated WeaponLight/laser combination practically gives you all the tools you need to acquire your target.

The ability to easily accommodate a SureFire SF RYDER suppressor-equipped handgun was one of the main features of the original MasterFire holster design, and the MasterFire Pro still allows it because you can remove the holster cover quickly and easily.

Despite its open design, the MasterFire’s proprietary lug-and-cam system locks the firearm in place with Level 3 retention, utilizing primary and secondary locking systems released by an ergonomic thumb latch for rapid weapon deployment. You might as well forget about trying to improperly remove the weapon from the holster when these lock mechanisms are engaged. SureFire testing has revealed that freeing a locked gun from the MasterFire requires roughly 600 pounds of force. And yet, this proprietary mechanical interface, plus an ergonomic design that positions the gun at an advantageous angle, facilitates a fast, consistent draw stroke for consistent sub-second presentations.

The MasterFire Pro is the embodiment of holster versatility. It keeps your gun secure, allows you to draw it smoothly and rapidly when necessary, and accommodates most semiautomatic pistols while affording the ability to fit the weapon with red dot optics and a suppressor. The MasterFire Pro is the ultimate open carry holster.

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