SureFire attends Overland Expo Mountain West 2022

Outdoor adventure enthusiasts from all walks of life attended Overland Expo Mountain West 2022 at the Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, August 26-28, and there was plenty for them to see.

Backcountry or backyard, if you enjoy spending time outdoors, the Overland Expo show series offers an attractive key waypoint. Like-minded enthusiasts attend to check out the newest vehicle-based adventure equipment and accessories, receive training on a variety of related topics from some of the world’s top Overland SMEs, and generally enjoy the camaraderie that the lifestyle affords. 

SureFire attends Overland Expo Mountain West 2022The third stop on the Outdoor Expo calendar, Overland Expo Mountain West 2022 hosted approximately 250 exhibitors of OEM and custom four-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, bicycles, and related outdoor gear and services, along with hundreds of educational opportunities, product demos, and giveaways. Overland Expo events are fantastic events to attend if:

a) You’re looking for great deals on the latest outdoor adventure swag.
b) You want to learn how to outfit your vehicle and maximize your proficiency in any outdoor space.
c) You enjoy partying with your friends, many of whom you’ll probably be meeting for the first time.
d) All of the above.

SureFire was on hand at Overland Expo Mountain West to display its comprehensive family of durable, adventure-ready, high-performance illumination tools. Overland Expo offers an excellent opportunity to educate attendees about the benefits of SureFire, the most trusted lighting brand by the military, law enforcement, first responders, and extreme outdoor enthusiasts. SureFire’s STILETTOSTILETTO PRO, and G2X handhelds were popular attractions, and the Stiletto received best-of-show honors among handheld flashlights. 

SureFire’s booth display again included an Overland-equipped Toyota Tacoma outfitted with SureFire-accessorized gear. The collection included a BRAVO COMPANY USA 11.5 AR rifle and GLOCK 17 GEN 5 handgun featuring SureFire’s new TURBO SERIES weapon-mounted lights, which deliver a focused, high-candela beam of light for positive target identification at extreme long range. The entire setup consisted of an RLD DESIGNS USA CANOPY with a cabinet and an insert made by GUNFOAM.COM. The rifle also featured a SUREFIRE SOCOM556-RC2 SUPPRESSOR, SureFire Turbo Scout Light Pro with a DS-SR07 remote switch, DUECK DEFENSE RTS, Aimpoint T2, L3 AN/PEQ15, and MAGPUL STOCK, GRIPS, AND PMAG. Also included were an OAKLEY M-FRAME ALPHA EYE-PRO SETHALEY STRATEGIC SLINGSUREFIRE SONIC DEFENDERS EP5 HEARING PROTECTIONSUREFIRE HS2-MV MINIMUS HEADLAMPSUREFIRE FURY INTELLIBEAM; Glock 17 Gen5 with SureFire X300 Turbo handgun WeaponLight, DUECK DEFENSE RBU and AIMPOINT ACRO P1; two Glock 17 magazines with TTI basepads and two Magpul PMAG30 magazines.

You can scan the photo gallery below for a glimpse of the scene in Loveland. Better yet, check out the calendar at and plan to attend an Overland Expo near you.