2022 SureFire Employee Range Day
These are just a few of the firearms that SureFire employees were able to experience during the SureFire Employee Range Day in Southern California.

The SureFire Suppressor Division expressed its appreciation for the hard work and dedication of SureFire employees by hosting the 2022 Employee Range Day at its private Southern California test range recently.

When the Suppressor Division sent out the call again, the response was so enthusiastic that the crowd had to be split into two groups. Each group spent the better part of a day receiving product training and then getting the chance to send rounds down range through SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach®- and SF RYDER®-equipped firearms. Many of the firearms used are not generally available in the state of California, which only further sweetened the deal.

Each day began with coffee and a light breakfast before Barry Dueck, SureFire Vice President, Suppressors and Weapons, gave a brief talk about the history of the SureFire Suppressor Division and how SureFire innovation has continued to raise the bar in the suppressor market. In case you’re unfamiliar with SureFire suppressor history, Barry Dueck formed the Suppressor Division in 2002 with the goal of creating the finest and most durable suppressors in the world, and he accomplished his mission right off the bat. The first SureFire model, the M4FA556, immediately redefined suppressor capability while breaking new ground in design, engineering, and materials. Most importantly, its accuracy was like no suppressor that came before it, dropping point-of-impact shift to under 1 MOA with astonishing repeatability. The M4FA556 also introduced an entirely new attachment system, the Fast-Attach®, which allowed rapid suppressor installation or removal in seconds, hot or cold, while maintaining tolerances that eliminated the need to re-zero the weapon with the suppressor attached. Fast forward two decades later and  SureFire SOCOM suppressors are trusted by more elite military and law enforcement units than any other brand, with a proven record of success in conflicts around the world.

2022 SureFire Employee Range Day
Barry Dueck, SureFire V.P. of Suppressors and Weapons

A former U.S. Marine and national 3-gun champion, Barry expertly demonstrated the variety of SureFire suppressors on hand at the range event, explaining what makes each model unique within the SOCOM family. Then the employees were invited to experience the SureFire difference for themselves. Fortunately, most if not all were familiar with the proper handling of firearms. Still, the attentiveness of the Suppressor Division staff cannot be overstated, and everyone came away from the event having had a safe and thoroughly enjoyable experience. According to Barry, it’s just one way to acknowledge the people who make it happen.

For more information on SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach and SF RYDER suppressors, visit SureFire.com.