While misinformed persons might view a firearm suppressor strictly as an implement used by criminals to commit evil acts, the reality is that suppressors are highly useful tools that can save the hearing of the shooter and others who may be in close proximity to the suppressed firearm.

A quality suppressor can help make you a more effective marksman whether you are a professional shooter, a hunter, or just enjoy plinking at the range. Many states in the U.S. allow suppressor use for hunting and target shooting, and many European countries have permissive laws surrounding suppressor ownership.

During a recent visit to Brownells SureFire’s Andrew Wright and Brownells’ Caleb Savant were able to sit down and talk suppressors, dispelling many of the myths surrounding suppressor use while educating the public on SureFire’s comprehensive line of innovative suppressors and muzzle devices.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the suppressor world is that you can easily select the right suppressor for you simply by comparing decibel ratings and going with the quietest suppressor.  Sound reduction is a key factor, but suppressor size, weight, impact shift, repeatability and flash reduction are also important considerations. SureFire SOCOM suppressors are designed, precision-engineered and manufactured to provide the very best combination of these critical features in a suppressor with a proven record of durability by elite law enforcement and military professionals worldwide.

The SureFire SOCOM556-RC2 is the gold-standard suppressor, combining tremendous sound, flash, and dust/debris mitigation with accuracy, repeatability and supreme durability.

Another misconception is that suppressors are a one-size-fits-all proposition when it comes to barrel length. While it’s true that a given suppressor will mitigate sound and flash on same-caliber weapons with varying barrel lengths, the effectiveness of that suppressor may also vary. That is why SureFire manufactures and recommends a variety of suppressor models that deliver optimal performance within a narrower range of barrel lengths to suit specific applications. Designed for barrels 10.3 inches and longer, the SureFire SOCOM556-RC2 is a prime example of SureFire’s cutting-edge suppressor design. It incorporates the latest in manufacturing techniques and materials to produce the finest tool of its kind. You can count on the SOCOM556-RC2 to deliver the utmost in sound attenuation and a tremendous reduction in flash and dust signature. However, the SureFire SOCOM556-MINI2 is an excellent choice for 14.5-inch and longer barrels because its shorter length helps to reduce snagging or other handling issues that may be associated with running a suppressor on a longer barrel. For 9-inch or shorter barrels, the SOCOM556-SB2 is recommended because it incorporates a larger bore to help guard against baffle strikes by rounds that haven’t fully stabilized before exiting the muzzle.

The SOCOM762 family packs all the key features of SureFire’s SOCOM Fast-Attach suppressor design for 7.62mm (.308-caliber) gas-operated or bolt-action rifles, with models available in both RC2 and MINI2 variants. The lightest SOCOM suppressor, the SOCOM762-TI2 incorporates titanium construction for minimal impact on weapon-handling. Tipping the scales at a mere 11 ounces, it is ideally suited for bolt-action applications, such as hunting and precision rifles. The SOCOM300-SPS is purpose-built for the .300 Blackout round, providing extreme sound suppression when used with subsonic ammunition.

SureFire Warden Blast Regulator
Unlike a muzzle brake, the SureFire Warden Blast Regulator directs blast concussion forward of your weapon’s muzzle, enhancing safety at the range or anywhere else others could be affected by the side blast from a fired round. The Warden is not subject to NFA restrictions.

Among the SureFire products Andrew and Caleb discussed, the SureFire Warden is not a suppressor but rather a purpose-built blast diffuser designed to mount to a SureFire SOCOM muzzle device.  It directs the blast concussion forward of the muzzle to save the hearing of others in close proximity at the range or in other shooting environments. It also limits dust and debris from blowing back on a shooter who is firing from a prone position. Because it does not mitigate sound or flash, the Warden isn’t subject to NFA restrictions, so it is legal for sale everywhere in the U.S.

SureFire suppressors, muzzle devices and related accessories are designed, precision-engineered and manufactured in the USA of the finest materials. They have a proven record of supreme durability, and they are guaranteed for life. For more information on SureFire’s entire line of suppressors, illumination tools and tactical gear, visit SureFire.com.