SureFire has long been a proud sponsor of the Shooter Symposium at The Ranch in Eagle Lake, Texas, because we’re firm believers that you should seek the best training available, and the four-day event delivers it every year. You can check out the happenings at Shooter Symposium 2022 in the video below.

In case you don’t know, Shooter Symposium is a unique training experience for firearms enthusiasts, an intersection that connects individuals who are serious about learning and practicing their shooting and self-defense skills with the top subject matter experts in the U.S. The course curriculum includes a variety of intense, highly specialized classes from handgun and carbine training in daylight and low-light/no-light environments to hand-to-hand and force-on-force combatives as well as medical training. Shooter Symposium 2022’s instructor roster included:

Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack Tactical
Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical
Jamey Caldwell of 1 Minute Out
Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics
Rick Crawley of Achilles Heel Tactical
Kerry Davis of Dark Angel Medical
Craig Douglas of ShivWorks
Jon Dufresne of Kinetic Consulting
Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts
Alex Hartmann of Ridgeline Defense
Chuck Pressburg of Presscheck Training and Consulting
Jared Reston of Reston Group Training
Robert Vogel of Vogel Dynamics

More than just an opportunity to take classes from these highly regarded trainers at a single location, Shooter Symposium affords an even rarer chance to spend time with them in a social setting at the end of each training day, gaining even more knowledge from their experience.

If you’re interested in attending the next Shooter Symposium, you’ll have to wait a little longer than usual. Due to restructuring with the event scheduling process and overall feedback, The Ranch has decided to take 2023 off while also moving Shooter Symposium back to the spring, the season in which earlier editions of the event used to take place. Shooter Symposium 2024 is scheduled for April 4-7, 2024.

For more information about Shooter Symposium 2024, visit SHOOTERSYMPOSIUM.COM. For more information about The Ranch, visit THERANCHTXCLUB.COM. For more information about the entire line of SureFire tactical illumination tools, suppressors, EarPro, and accessories, visit SUREFIRE.COM.