2022 SureFire World Multigun Championships Results
The 2022 SureFire World Multigun Championships drew the nation’s top shooters to Cody, Wyoming, to compete in multiple classes. Wyatt Gibson (right) claimed the overall win and the 2×4 class win.

The competition was once again fierce during the 2022 SureFire World Multigun Championships at Cody Shooting Complex in Cody, Wyoming, July 20-24, with Team Colt’s Wyatt Gibson of Emmett, Idaho, claiming the overall win and the 2X4 division win at an event he calls one of his favorites.

2022 SureFire World Multigun Championships Results
Overall winner Wyatt Gibson has won SureFire World Multigun Championships class titles for four consecutive years.

The SureFire World Multigun Championships is a multi-gun match consisting of numerous divisions to accommodate a variety of shooting skill levels and equipment specs. The USSL Level 4 event consisted of 10 stages, representing all styles of Multigun. There was also a Championship head-to-head shoot-off for the top three in each division. Wyatt prevailed to take his first career SureFire World Multigun overall title.

“It was a fun event, done very well,” Wyatt said. “The stages were put together great, and the staff was very helpful. It was a great event. The shoot-offs are always exciting. It always gets your heart rate up when you see your competitor’s targets going down.”

Shown here competing in the shoot-offs, three-time Olympic biathlon competitor Lanny Barnes won the Ladies division.

The 2022 SureFire World Multigun Championships marked Wyatt’s first year in the 2×4 division after he won the Race division the previous three successive years. The 2×4 class allows competitors to shoot their choice of rifle, pistol, shotgun, or PCC. A minimum of two of the four firearms must be used on each stage, but competitors have the option to select which firearms they think will best suit that stage, and they may use more than two to complete it. Other division winners included Cody Leeper, who claimed titles in both the Optics division and the Race division; Sean Burrows in the Limited division; Lanny Barnes in the Ladies division; and Joe Farewell in the 2-Gun division.

Cody Leeper claimed two SureFire World Multigin Championships titles in 2022, besting the field in the Optics and Race divisions.

Cody Shooting Complex proved to be an excellent host for the event, providing the event organizers with plenty of real estate on which to conduct a world championship-caliber match. Celebrating more than 40 years of operation, the sprawling 600+-acre facility includes range bays for handguns, precision rifles, sporting clays, 5-stand, trap, and skeet. In addition to the numerous competitive events on its packed calendar, Cody Shooting Complex also offers a variety of safety and training classes, including A Girl & A Gun and youth programs. Camping accommodations are also available on site. For more information, visit https://www.codyshootingcomplex.org/

Joe Farewell earned the 2-Gun division title.

2022 SureFire World Multigun Championships
Cody Shooting Complex
Cody, Wyoming
Results: July 20-24, 2022
O/A: Wyatt Gibson
Optics: 1. Cody Leeper; 2. Bryson Lockaby; 3. Adam Maxwell
Race: 1. Cody Leeper; 2. Kyle Roble; 3. Daniel Beste
Limited: 1. Sean Burrows; 2. Alan Samuel
2×4: 1. Wyatt Gibson; 2. Richard Saunders; 3. Craig Outzen
Ladies: 1. Lanny Barnes; Sky Killian; Meaghan Roble
2-Gun: 1. Joe Farewell; 2. Barry Dueck; 3. Gabriel Killian
Recreational: 1. King Cavalier; 2. Sutton Cavalier; 3. Kerry Cedars
308 Optic: 1. Daniel Michael

2022 SureFire World Multigun Championships Results
Optics division runner-up Bryson Lockaby made it to the shoot-off final against Wyatt Gibson, just missing out on the overall title.

About The SureFire World Multigun Championships
The Surefire World Multigun Championships is a multi-stage match that brings to one place all three styles of multi-gun competition, making it a real proving ground for competitive shooters of all skill levels. The match incorporates speed stages similar to those found on the 3-Gun Nation Pro tour. There are bay-style stages, outlaw-style stages, and night stages as well.  For more information on the event and the USSL, visit ussleagues.com.

SureFire Suppressor & Weapons VP Barry Dueck was solid, as usual, at the World Mulitgun Championships, finishing second in 2-Gun.

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