SureFire Field Notes 71 PRS Tripod Techniques
An experienced and successful competitive shooter in many firearms disciplines that include the use of precision rifles, carbines, and pistols, Sean Murphy shares his techniques for tripod use with a precision rifle in SureFire Field Notes episode 71.

In SureFire Field Notes 71, Sean Murphy of Nightforce Optics discusses several ways to utilize a tripod in precision rifle shooting. You can view the video below.

Murphy explains that the tripod is one of his favorite pieces of kit when shooting his precision rifle. The tripod has proliferated in the PRS world, graduating from sturdy support for accessories such as spotting scopes and rangefinders to an essential tool for the precision rifle itself, and it has gained popularity with PRS competitors and snipers alike. The equipment itself has evolved as well. While many precision shooters still mount their rifle to a tripod with a hog saddle or other clamp-style device, some precision rifle chassis now incorporate an ARCA rail. Originally developed and favored by professional photographers, the ARCA is a quick-release system that allows the shooter to quickly mount and dismount a rifle from the tripod. It’s also useful when the gun must be held stationary for long periods of time.

In the video, Murphy describes the various ways to support the gun with a tripod. These include the aforementioned ARCA rail, using a shooting bag, and incorporating the bag with a plate. He also discusses optimal tripod leg positioning to help solve the majority of problems faced by precision rifle shooters. Overall, SureFire Field Notes 71 provides interesting info from a top-level marksman whose accomplishments include earning Grand Master in USPSA Production, several state titles, representing the United States in international F-Class competition, and numerous wins in USPSA, 2-Gun, Run and Gun (RnG), carbine and precision rifle events.

SureFire Field Notes 71 PRS Tripod Techniques
Murphy is also the Training Manager at Nightforce Optics. He has worked there since 2013.

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SureFire Field Notes 71 PRS Tripod TechniquesABOUT SEAN MURPHY
Sean Murphy is the Training Manager for Nightforce Optics and a highly successful competitive shooter. Starting with an interest in firearms from a young age, Sean has been shooting competitively since 2006 and has worked in the firearms industry since 2011. He has experience with pistols, carbines, and rifles, competing and training in many different shooting sports across the United States. For more information on Nightforce, visit

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