SureFire P1R Peacekeeper

SureFire’s innovative handheld illumination tools have raised the bar ever since our original 6C model changed the handheld flashlight market three decades ago. Every model is created with our most precious resource in mind: our customers, and the P1R Peacekeeper is a standout example of our collaboration with end-users.

Introduced in March of 2013, the Peacekeeper was developed by cops for cops. SureFire worked hand in hand with some of the nation’s top law enforcement professionals to build the best flashlight that fits their specific needs. It remains true to its original form today, and for a good reason: It does the job effectively and efficiently.

Built For Cops, Available To Anyone
The P1R Peacekeeper was built for cops, but it’s available to anyone seeking a rugged, rechargeable illumination tool with a proven record of reliability on the mean streets. It’s a Dual Fuel flashlight, which means its high-strength aluminum body gives you the flexibility to choose a 18650 battery or two 123A lithium batteries as your power source. That’s because our law enforcement team demonstrated that more and more patrol officers are seeking the ability to recharge their flashlights while in their police cruisers. In response, every Peacekeeper is shipped with a rechargeable SureFire SF18650B lithium-ion battery, an AC charger, and a DC car charger, so you’re never without the accessories to keep it up and running.

A high-performance LED is the heart of the P1R Peacekeeper, generating 600 lumens of intense white light that can disrupt the night-adapted vision of a suspect or potential attacker. Pressing the tail-mounted switch unleashes full power in momentary-on mode, or you can click the switch to maintain constant-on. You can also release the switch and then press or click-through within 2 seconds to activate the Low power setting, which generates 15 lumens that are easy on the eyes when you’re handling administrative tasks such as writing in a ticket book or reading a map. The Peacekeeper’s electronics are optimized to provide an impressive runtime of 2.75 hours at full power or 58 hours in the Low power mode.

Hybrid Beam Pattern
Having the right beam configuration for the job at hand is crucial in law enforcement. The ability to throw light far downrange is vital to the safety of a peace officer, who may need to see down long, narrow hallways and through doorways into another room. At the same time, officers need to be able to maintain awareness of their immediate surroundings. Thus, plenty of spill light is also necessary. That’s why we fit the P1R Peacekeeper with a SureFire parabolic reflector. Our reflectors produce a perfect hybrid beam for tactical applications. The beam configuration clearly illuminates the main object of interest while providing enough surround light to maintain situational awareness.

SureFire precision reflectors also exhibit superior strength, heat transfer capabilities, and geometric exactness. The latter permits precise placement of emitters inside the reflector, typically within .005″ of optimum. Additionally, the reflector surfaces are textured with tiny ripples that reflect light at slightly different angles, smoothing out the beam and eliminating dark spots and other irregularities to produce a bright central area surrounded by a gradually diminishing corona. As a result, the P1R Peacekeeper can illuminate a subject more than 250 yards away while also providing ample light over a wide peripheral area. Simply put, you can see what you need to see.

Excellent Ergos, Supreme Durability
SureFire is dedicated to actual American manufacturing. Besides the LED, we machine and manufacture every major component of the P1R Peacekeeper in our Southern California production facilities. That includes its compact, knurled aerospace aluminum body and tail switch assembly, which provide excellent handling and reliable activation even when used with a handgun. In addition, the Peacekeeper is O-ring and gasket sealed to prevent moisture ingress. It can easily handle being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without failing. It’s also Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability and corrosion resistance.

Law enforcement is a tough job. Our officers deserve no less than the best tools to help save lives and maintain peace. We built the P1R Peacekeeper for them and anyone else who demands the best. When it comes to tactical flashlights, the Peacekeeper lays down the law.

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