SureFire's filtered Sonic Defenders earplugs
SureFire’s filtered Sonic Defenders® EarPro allows you to choose between full-block or filtered hearing protection. The latter guards against unsafe sounds while allowing safe sounds through to help you maintain situational awareness.

While there are several options in the ear protection marketplace, SureFire’s filtered Sonic Defenders are unique among them, offering two distinct styles of hearing protection at an affordable price point.

SureFire's filtered Sonic Defenders earplugsDesigned by an audiologist, filtered Sonic Defenders offer the versatility of protecting your hearing from dangerous noise levels—whether constant noise or impulse noise—while allowing you to hear safe ambient sounds. As a result, you can save your hearing, communicate effectively, and maintain situational awareness in environments that might otherwise cause permanent hearing damage.

Protection You Need
 To understand the role filtered Sonic Defenders play in protecting your hearing, you must first understand how sounds are heard and what happens when unsafe sounds—those above 85 dB—enter the ear. Sound waves are vibrations, and these vibrations are funneled through the outer ear into the ear canal. The middle ear contains the eardrum, which vibrates from the incoming sound and directs it through a series of bones to the inner ear. The inner ear contains the cochlea, a fluid-filled structure that receives sound vibrations detected by tiny hairlike cells within the cochlea. These cells, called stereocilia, bend and convert the vibrations into electrical signals detected by the auditory nerve, which sends the signals to the brain. The brain then interprets the signals as the sounds we understand.

During everyday exposure to safe sounds, the stereocilia bend and bounce back. However, prolonged exposure to unsafe sounds can cause them to flatten, reducing their ability to convert sound vibrations into the electrical impulses the brain needs to interpret sound. Over time, the result is irreversible hearing loss—when it’s gone, it’s gone.

SureFire EarPro Sonic Defenders

Proven Technology
SureFire’s filtered Sonic Defenders incorporate proven technology to combat hearing loss by preventing unsafe sounds from reaching the eardrum. These filters utilize a filter cap that can be manually opened or closed. When loud sound waves enter the Sonic Defenders filter with the filter caps opened, they hit the ridges inside the filter, reflect off the ridges of the narrowing walls, and cancel themselves out. The louder the sound, the more noise gets canceled. However, hearing-safe sounds will still pass through the filter, allowing you to hear speech-level conversations, commands, and ambient sounds. Closing the filter caps offers additional protection and blocks ambient sounds and conversations.

SureFire offers three different styles of filtered Sonic Defenders, each with distinct stems that provide varying levels of noise reduction. SureFire EP3 Sonic Defenders feature double-flanged stems for users with smaller or narrower ear canals. With a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 11 dB with the filter caps open and 24 dB with the filter caps closed, they provide significant protection from unsafe sounds. Designed for users with larger ear canals, SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus feature triple-flanged stems that provide 12 dB of NRR with the filter caps open and 24 dB with the filter caps closed. The soft polymer, hypoallergenic stems in the EP3 and EP4 are curved to match the natural curvature of the ear canal for all-day comfort. They’re also durable and easy to clean.

SureFire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra provide the highest NRR of the filtered Sonic Defender line by virtue of their replaceable memory-foam Comply™ Canal tips, which are more likely to be preferred by users accustomed to wearing disposable foam-tipped earplugs. Ultras feature an NRR of 14 dB with the filter caps open and 28 dB with the filter caps closed. Comfortable and durable, EP7s typically last up to 6+ months, and every set also includes a spare set of easily replaceable tips.

SureFire EarPro features patented EarLock designSureFire Sonic Defenders also feature innovative EarLock® outer rings that lock the earplugs in place with seven unique grab points. The EarLocks help ensure proper sealing and reduce the chance that the earplugs will fall out in active-use cases. In addition, their low-profile design allows easy wearing under a hat, helmet, mask, headset, or supplemental earmuffs—even while using a phone.

Effective, comfortable, durable, and reusable, SureFire’s filtered Sonic Defenders are a top choice for anyone requiring cost-effective, high-quality hearing protection with the versatility to allow safe communication as necessary. For more information on the entire line of Sonic Defenders hearing protection, visit