The new SureFire Turbo Scout Light Pro series extends the boundaries of long gun WeaponLight performance while retaining the proven durability and dependability that makes SureFire the most trusted brand in tactical illumination tools.

Based on the top-rated Scout Light Pro series, Turbo Scout Light Pro models mark a return to the high-candela segment that SureFire pioneered in the 1990s. Today’s Turbo Scout Light Pros combine SureFire performance and reliability with Dual Fuel versatility in an extremely compact form factor. They deliver the farthest-reaching beam of any SureFire long gun WeaponLight while maintaining a low profile so they can accommodate virtually any rail configuration. As a result, they are unequivocally the best option if you need a long-gun WeaponLight for extreme long-range target identification.

Scout Light Pro vs Turbo Scout Light Pro
Beam pattern comparison: SureFire Scout Light Pro (top); SureFire Turbo Scout Light Pro (bottom)

SureFire’s Turbohead facilitates the Turbo Scout Light Pros’ blazing performance. Our unique design incorporates a precision-engineered, smooth parabolic reflector that concentrates output to project 95,000 blazing candela (M340DFT-PRO), or 100,000 candela (M640DFT-PRO), in a tightly focused, far-reaching beam pattern when powered by the included rechargeable battery. This shaft of light allows users to identify potential threats at distances beyond 600 meters, so you see what you need to see, near or far. It also results in less light bounce at closer distances, providing you the additional capability to pierce through windows, down long or narrow corridors, and around barricades. You can count on your Scout Light Pro to give you a crucial advantage in hostile encounters by dispensing an intense blast of white light that can disorient an aggressor’s night-adapted vision. It also provides ample spill light, so you don’t have to sacrifice situational awareness for long-range performance.

Whether you choose the ultra-compact, 3-volt M340DFT-PRO or the 6-volt M640DFT-PRO  Turbo Scout Light Pro models feature Dual Fuel capability to give you flexibility when choosing your power source. Use the included SF18350 (M340DFT-PRO) or SF18650B (M640DFT-PRO) rechargeable lithium-ion battery for maximum candela and run time, or swap to 123A primary batteries if necessary. Whichever you choose, you can count on your Scout Light Pro to provide the light you need when you need it most.

Turbo models also feature SureFire’s Low-Profile Mount (LPM), which rewrote the rules of long- gun WeaponLight versatility. The LPM optimizes the body’s position relative to the rail, so you can place the body where you want it or clear other accessories. The LPM easily attaches to MIL-STD-1913 or M-LOK rails, and every Scout Light Pro comes with cleats for secure mounting to either rail style.

Constructed of lightweight aerospace aluminum, Mil-Spec hard-anodized, and O-ring sealed to keep out the elements, SureFire Turbo Scout Light Pros are designed and engineered to take a beating and thrive in the harshest environments. They are the best-performing and most durable WeaponLights in their class. They are made in the U.S.A. and guaranteed for life. Go with the proven performer. Go SureFire.


  • Precision reflector produces a high-candela, far-reaching beam ideal for target identification at long distances
  • The M340DFT-PRO generates 95,000 candela and 650 lumens of tightly focused light with the included SF18350 lithium-ion rechargeable battery or 55,000 candela and 350 lumens with a single 123A battery
  • The M640DFT-PRO generates 100,000 candela and 650 lumens of tightly focused light with the included SF18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery or 90,000 candela and 650 lumens with two 123A batteries
  • SureFire’s versatile Low-Profile Mount (LPM) allows the user to optimize the light’s position relative to the rail and other attached firearm accessories
  • Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum bodies and tempered windows make Turbo Scout Light Pro models light rugged, durable, and combat ready
  • Activation is via ZE68 momentary/constant-on pushbutton switching with a protective shroud
  • Turbo Scout Light Pro models are compatible with a host of SureFire accessory remote tape switches
  • Turbo Scout Light Pro models meet the IPX7 waterproof test standard at 1 meter for 30 minutes


M340DFT PRO Turbo Mini Scout Light Pro


Battery Type 1x SF18350 1x 123A
Output 650 lumens 350 lumens
Peak Beam Intensity 95,000 candela 55,000 candela
Beam Distance 616 meters 469 meters
Runtime 45 minutes 1.0 hour


M640DFT-PRO SureFire Turbo Scout Light Pro
M640DFT PRO Turbo Scout Light Pro


Battery Type 1x SF18650B 2x 123A
Output 700 lumens 600 lumens
Peak Beam Intensity 100,000 candela 90,000 candela
Beam Distance 632 meters 600 meters
Runtime 2.5 hours 1.75 hours


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