Springfield Armory has posted a review of the all-new SureFire XSC micro-compact WeaponLight on its fansite, TheArmoryLife.com. For a link to this XSC review, you can click on the image below.SureFire XSC with Hellcat

The Springfield Hellcat micro-compact 9 mm pistol has become a best-seller for the Illinois-based firearms manufacturer. Its patented magazine design allows it to pack up to 13 rounds, giving the Hellcat a remarkable 13+1 capacity in a handgun that is easily concealable. The SureFire XSC is the world’s first duty-grade Weaponlight, manufactured by the most trusted name in tactical illumination. It enhances the Hellcat’s low-light capability without sacrificing concealability, and it is specifically designed to provide a seamless and secure fit to the Hellcat’s proprietary accessory rail.

Virtually indestructible and rechargeable, the XSC is an ultra-compact tool that delivers 350 lumens of intense white light shaped by a parabolic reflector that has been expertly engineered to deliver a concentrated, far-reaching central beam while retaining ample spill light to help you maintain situational awareness. It provides a crucial advantage by allowing you to read and react to a potential threat while disrupting the night-adapted vision of an adversary. It’s a must-have accessory if you are serious about self-defense.

SureFire XSC Springfield Hellcat on the draw

Its quick-detach battery allows fast and easy battery swaps without having to remove the Weaponlight from the host pistol, ensuring that the XSC is always ready. An easy-to-read LED fuel gauge allows you to monitor the battery’s charge status, and every XSC comes with a dual-bay battery charger included, allowing you to charge two batteries simultaneously.

Measuring less than 2 inches in length and weighing less than 2 ounces, the XSC is so small and light that you won’t even know it’s there, but it provides the low-light backup you need when you need it, increasing confidence and reducing stress if you should find yourself in a crisis situation. SureFire’s intuitive, tactile switching provides easy, instant activation with momentary- or constant-on activation at your fingertips.

Bad things can happen in the dark. Adding a SureFire XSC WeaponLight to the Springfield Hellcat can increase your chances of coming out on top in a conflict.

For more information on the SureFire XSC, visit SureFire.com. For more information on the Springfield Hellcat, visit Springfield-Armory.com.