SureFire Field Notes 76
USPSA Grand Master Keith Garcia has made a science out of being fast and efficient when it comes to shooting, manipulating, and transitioning among weapons systems in 3-gun competition. With practice, his WMDs can help anyone become more proficient as well.

In SureFire Field Notes 76, USPSA Grand Master Keith Garcia demonstrates drills that will help shooters of all types become more competent at weapon manipulation.

Garcia’s drill regimen incorporates six drills that he calls the WMDs (weapons manipulation drills). These drills can be used to improve manipulation of pistols, rifles, and shotguns, so you can practice them on your favorite platform. The variations include: All guns loaded; empty chamber; loaded with a reload; loaded with an emergency reload; unloaded with ammunition coming from a belt; and unloaded with ammunition coming from a table. As always, you should practice the four rules of gun safety: 1) Treat all guns as if they were loaded; 2) Do not point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy; 3) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot; and 4) Always be sure of your target and what’s beyond it.

Of the interesting techniques Garcia employs, one of them is specifically for a handgun. He demonstrates what he calls the “Garcia Twist,” which helps the shooter to employ a firm two-handed grip on the handgun with minimal wasted time. After he completes the desired number of shots, he demonstrates techniques that allow fast, efficient transitions from handgun to rifle to shotgun. He then closes out SureFire Field Notes 76 by demonstrating WMD drill number six, clocking a time of just 7.1 seconds from start to finish with all three weapons.

“That’s [7.1 seconds] a safe match run,” Garcia says. “I’ll keep doing it until I speed up until I get it under 5 seconds, get all this done. Then I know on demand I can slow it down and do it right every time.”

Keith Garcia

For the past 28 years, Keith has cultivated two serious careers: one in Law Enforcement, and another in competitive shooting. As a California police officer, Keith has served in a variety of positions to include SWAT Team Leader, Firearms Instructor, Sniper, Field Training Officer, and Defensive Tactics Instructor. As if Keith wasn’t busy enough, his accomplishments in the world of shooting are equally impressive. Keith is a USPSA Grand Master in both the Limited and Production Pistol Divisions, and he has won multiple 3-Gun National Titles. If, and when, you get the chance to see him shoot, one piece of advice: don’t blink. Check out Keith’s Instagram page at:

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