New additions to any family are generally a good thing, and the SureFire XSC-B is a welcome addition to SureFire’s rechargeable, concealed-carry XSC handgun WeaponLight fold.

SureFire XSC-B
The SureFire XSC-B provides maximum concealability plus convenient rechargeability in a durable, high-performance WeaponLight for sub-compact handguns. Its quick-detach battery can be easily swapped out without removing the light from the weapon.

The XSC-B picks up in the one place where the first three members of the SureFire XSC left off. True, those originals provided much-needed low-light capability for the next generation of increased-capacity micro-compact handguns from GLOCK, SIG SAUER, and Springfield Armory without hampering concealability or handling. The only downside was that the first three XSC models were designed specifically to fit the proprietary rails on the 43X/48, P365, and Hellcat.

The XSC-B is the solution for numerous compact or sub-compact handguns equipped with a Universal rail. It includes the necessary cross members to ensure secure mounting to a variety of models, including but not limited to:

–Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-Compact
–CZ 75 SP-01
–CZ P-07
–FN FNS-40, Five-Seven, 509, FNX
–SIG SAUER P226, P228, P229
–SIG SAUER P320 (Carry, Full Size, Compact)
–Smith & Wesson M&P
–Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 Sub-Compact

SureFire XSC-BThe XSC-B’s performance and durability are identical to its siblings. Its premium LED delivers the help you need in close quarters, delivering 350 lumens of intense white light to help you face the dark with confidence when you need it most. In addition, SureFire’s smooth parabolic technology provides a beam pattern with a concentrated hot spot, significant throw, and ample spill light to help keep you aware of your surroundings. As a result, it’s ideal for illuminating targets from point-blank to 25 yards away—well within the range of the average gunfight.

The XSC-B provides this advantage in the least intrusive way possible, measuring less than 2 inches in length and weighing a mere 2 ounces. Yet, you can expect the same reliability and long-term durability that has made SureFire X-Series models the most trusted in the industry. Its CNC-machined aerospace-grade aluminum body stands up to abuse, and its MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class 2 hard anodizing provides scratch and corrosion resistance to keep the XSC looking fresh. Gasket sealing ensures that the XSC remains weatherproof. It won’t fail in wet conditions.

And, if you should find yourself in a life-threatening scenario, you can count on the XSC-B’s ambidextrous switching, which offers easy, intuitive, and instantaneous activation with either hand. Our switches are ergonomically designed to minimize your chance of fumbling in the dark while under stress.

SureFire XSC-BWhere the XSC family differs from the rest of its X-Series siblings is that it’s the first SureFire handgun WeaponLight series to feature a dedicated battery that you can remove for recharging—an essential feature if you spend a lot of time training with your gear (as you should!), Its B12 lithium polymer battery detaches quickly without requiring you to remove the WeaponLight body from the host handgun. For easy and convenient recharging, you can place it in the included SureFire CH21 cradle charger. Note that the CH21 can charge up to two B12 batteries simultaneously, so you can always pick up another B12 and have one ready to swap out when you need it. Either way, monitoring the charge level is as simple as checking the B12’s onboard LED fuel gauge with the press of a button.

With the addition of the XSC-B, the SureFire XSC family sets a new benchmark in compact, rechargeable, concealed-carry WeaponLights. It won’t weigh you down, and it won’t let you down. That’s probably better than most of us can say about some family members.

Output: 350 lumens
Runtime: 30 minutes
Peak Beam Intensity: 2,000 candela
Distance: 90 meters
Construction: Aluminum
Finish: Mil-Spec Hard Anodized
Weight (w/batteries): 2.0 oz (48.2 g)
Length: 1.94 inches (4.9 cm)
Bezel Diameter: .78 inches (1.9cm)
Batteries: One proprietary B12 rechargeable lithium polymer 3.7V battery (extra batteries sold separately)
Battery Charger: One CH21 dual-bay charger (included)
Switching: Ambidextrous momentary-on/constant-on

For more information on the entire range of SureFire’s world-class illumination tools and tactical gear, visit WWW.SUREFIRE.COM.