You might not think you need a light like the Minimus™, the best headlamp for the prepared, with the build quality, performance and reliability that can only come from SureFire.

But you do.

SureFire Minimus headlamp female caver

That’s because the Minimus isn’t just another headlamp. It’s a precision-engineered illumination tool. An evolution of the Saint™ headlamp pioneered by SureFire over a decade ago, the Minimus has earned a reputation for providing reliable hands-free illumination — optimized for your field of vision. It is designed and built to meet a variety of hands-free lighting needs, including daily oriented tasks and recreational pursuits.

And Emergencies. Take, for example, this SureFire True Story from a journalist sent to cover events in an earthquake-ravaged third-world country. In emergency conditions likes these, seeing or being seen can raise the odds of survival. Trust the average kitchen flashlight or bargain camping headlamp to see you through, and you may be gambling with your life.

“A few times, I was stuck walking in areas where the power was out. No street lights, nothing, just complete darkness, with a lot of debris on the ground. Rocks, cables, glass, metal, just about every kind of material that could injure you, so you have to be careful, especially in the dark. My headlamp proved to be an invaluable tool. The house I was staying at was partially running its electricity from a generator. There were two nights when the power at the house went out and we were stuck in the dark all night. It was awesome, walking around with my Minimus on. I was able to power down its output for things like eating or organizing my things. And when I went outside, I could increase its brightness. I was also constantly sweating profusely, and the headband responded well to all the sweat; it stayed dry and didn’t get gross or disgusting. I even used it in the rain and was so happy to have it. The SureFire Minimus is a safety net; it really is. I wouldn’t travel without it.”—Lily E., Plantation FL

SureFire Minimus headlamp in earthquake setting

The Minimus won’t help you expect the unexpected, but it can help you get out of it. Engineered from the ground up to be virtually indestructible, it’s cut from the same hard-anodized, aerospace-grade aluminum as our most durable handheld tactical flashlight models, and it’s built to endure in the harshest conditions. It’s also designed to be worn for long periods, thanks to a custom headband that’s designed for comfort and durability, and a washable, replaceable Breathe-O-Prene® pad that wicks away moisture while maintaining a snug fit to the forehead.

Rugged durability and comfort are just part of what made the Minimus an award-winning headlamp right from the start, and what makes it a top choice for avid mountaineers, cavers and hard-core campers today. In dark and desolate locations where the wrong move could spell disaster, the Minimus is a reliable companion. Highly versatile, its premium LED delivers useful light output from 5 lumens to 300 lumens, and it is easily adjustable to 13 different settings. SureFire’s proprietary MaxVision Beam® reflector technology provides maximum efficiency with a uniform beam pattern that is tailored to the human eye response for the entire field of view. The beam intensity varies gradually from the center to the edges, but the eye views it as a seamless light pattern.

SureFire Minimus best headlamp for exploring caverns

The Minimus also delivers exceptional runtime when the going gets dark. Powered by a single SureFire 123A lithium battery with a shelf life of up to 10 years, its maximum output lasts for up to 1.5 hours, and its minimum output lasts for up to 75 hours.

SureFire is a recognized leader in illumination tools with precise, reliable and ergonomically friendly switching, and the Minimus’s push-button On/Off switch and smooth-operating rotary light output dial are prime examples. The push-button switch retains memory of the previously activated light output setting, and the dial provides easy one-handed adjustment even with a gloved hand. The Minimus also features and SOS mode that can be activated by simply pressing and holding the On/Off switch for 4 seconds.

It pays to be prepared for any situation that might require the ability to light your way over the highest mountain top, through the deepest cave or provide extra peace of mind in the direst circumstances. Depend on the power and reliability of a SureFire Minimus to help you make it home.

SureFire Minimus headlamp for camping

SureFire Minimus Features

High-performance LED with faceted MaxVision™ reflector produces a wide, smooth beam optimized to your field of vision.

Push-button On/Off switch and 13 position variable-light output dial permits one-handed adjustment from 5 to 300* lumens.

Hard-anodized aerospace aluminum housing is lightweight & durable.

Push button switch retains memory of light output at any of the 13 output settings from previous activation.

Press and hold push button switch for 4 seconds in the off position or when light is activated for SOS mode.

Custom-made headband utilizes fine mesh material built for comfort, durability, and a secure fit, with or without a helmet.

Breathe-O-Prene® pad fits snugly and comfortably against the forehead while wicking away moisture. The pad can be removed for washing or replacement.

Leashed battery end cap is built from hard-anodized aluminum.

Low-profile headband adjustment clip is rugged yet comfortable.

Detachable red filter included.

Battery compartment two O-rings to seal out moisture and prevent corrosion.

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