Radically sleek yet undeniably muscular, the new Stiletto Pro proves once again that SureFire won’t compromise when it comes to real-world capability. This innovative, compact, and versatile illumination tool takes everyday carry to an impressive new level, providing an unobtrusive yet extremely powerful option for anyone who needs a light at hand 24/7/365.

SureFire new Stiletto Pro with PMags

During the last four decades, SureFire has radically improved the tactical gear used by armed professionals around the globe. Beginning with the first commercially available laser sighting system — then developing all manner of lights, suppressors, and other high-end gear — we have never rested on our laurels, continually evolving the SureFire product line to better serve the needs of military personnel, law enforcement officers, and concerned citizens.

The new Stiletto Pro is the latest heir apparent to the groundbreaking incandescent 6P that pioneered compact, powerful flashlights over 30 years ago.  The newest SureFire may resemble a Klingon battle cruiser, but the guiding principles aren’t rocket science. The items in your pocket have the potential to press into your body.  Worst case, this can be painful.  The Stiletto Pro mitigates the discomfort while simultaneously enhancing performance.

The original Stiletto quickly became our best-selling handheld light, and experts soon recognized the unprecedented benefits. Fulltime instructor Craig “Southnarc” Douglas — a retired police captain perhaps best known for his groundbreaking Extreme Close Quarters Concepts course — was a fan from the moment he received a Stiletto.

“The flat, pocket-knife-like form factor is truly unique,” Douglas said. “In everyday carry it augments pistols, magazines and tourniquets very discreetly. For EDC and low-visibility applications, the Stiletto sets the standard.”

SureFire New Stiletto Pro information graphicThe new Stiletto Pro represents a significant upgrade in performance from its polymer-bodied cousin, with 50% more maximum output. It’s the perfect plainclothes light and the ideal backup to our larger illumination tools for those in uniform. In non-permissive environments where weapons are not allowed — think Europe, Asia, or gun free zones in the U.S. — it can provide a decisive edge in dicey situations. Of course, it will also serve you well in routine applications.

This latest SureFire EDC light packs 1000 lumens of MaxVision Beam® into a slim, rugged body precision machined from aerospace aluminum then hard anodized to withstand the harshest environments. Engineered for hard use by those who go in harm’s way, the compact Stiletto Pro features a reversible, Melonite®-coated pocket clip — allowing you to tailor the carry orientation to your tactical requirements or personal preference.

The ergonomic design provides intuitive activation. A switch on the bezel end of the light lets you select from low (25 lumens), medium (300 lumens), and high (1000 lumens max) settings. The adjacent mode switch can be used to reverse this order. The tactical switch always provides instant access to maximum output, and it can be programmed to function as either a constant on-off switch or a momentary switch that turns off when released. The momentary programming also gives you the option of a strobe by pressing three times quickly and holding.

So, if you need maximum illumination with minimum bulk — and the versatility to handle both routine tasks and high stakes problems with equal aplomb — the new Stiletto Pro provides the superior solution. Anything else is second best. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Quoting again from Craig Douglas, “SureFire has once again radically changed the playing field.”

For more information on SureFire’s innovative line of tactical illumination tools and gear, visit SureFire.com.