With the tremendous acceptance of the latest micro-compact and subcompact concealed-carry handguns from world-class firearms manufacturers such as GLOCK, SIG SAUER, and Springfield Armory, SureFire is leading the way in tactical lighting for these weapons with an all-new WeaponLight family, the SureFire XSC.

The new SureFire XSC WEaponLight
The all-new SureFire XSC brings unprecedented compact size, premium performance and rock-solid reliability to the most popular concealed carry handguns from GLOCK, SIG SAUER and Springfield Armory.

The XSC benefits from four decades of innovation in a tactical lighting market segment that SureFire created, and it is expertly designed by the same engineers who delivered the duty-grade X300 WeaponLight. It is the definitive WeaponLight for serious concealed-carry handgun users and the world’s first premium WeaponLight engineered specifically for today’s best-selling micro-compact handguns. XSC models are currently available for the SIG SAUER P365/P36XL, Springfield Armory Hellcat, and the newly released railed versions of the GLOCK G43X and G48. No matter which of these handguns you choose to carry, the XSC delivers the performance and durability you’d expect from the world’s most trusted tactical lighting brand.

FBI statistics show that the majority of violent crime happens at night, and it isn’t confined to evening hours. A poorly lit subterranean parking garage or shady alley can provide the perfect mid-day opportunity for bad guys to strike without warning. With the current level of criminal activity in U.S. cities coast to coast, having the capacity to neutralize a hostile threat to your life has never been a more urgent need.

The XSC adds capability and peace of mind when fitted to the handgun models for which it is tailor-made. Small size and increased magazine capacity have been overwhelming factors in the success of the P365, the Hellcat, and the GLOCK Slimline Series. The XSC completes these popular models like no other accessory, especially when they’re equipped with a red-dot optic. Its micro-footprint doesn’t hamper concealability, so you’ll have it with you when you need it most. It is a must-have accessory for the ultimate concealed-carry handgun system.

SureFire XSC is perfectly concealable
Weighing less than 2 ounces and measuring less than 2 inches in length, the ultra-slim XSC won’t hamper concealability or weapon handling. Its premium LED delivers intense white light that could save your life in a crisis.

No other premium-grade micro-compact WeaponLight offers the practicality of easy recharging like the XSC. Rather than relying on disposable batteries, its durable, quick-detach, lithium-polymer battery allows fast swaps, so your light never has to leave your weapon. An LED fuel gauge keeps you aware of how much charge you have left, and the included charger can accommodate two batteries at once to help you keep your XSC fueled and ready.

Having the right amount of light is critical in a high-stress situation. The XSC delivers 350 lumens of intense white light shaped by a unique parabolic reflector that provides a bright centralized spot with plenty of reach while also providing ample spill light. The XSC facilitates positive target identification, allowing you to read and react with confidence. Its light output can also disrupt the dark-adapted vision of your adversary, giving you a crucial advantage when your life is on the line.

The SureFire XSC delivers 350 lumens of intense light white for positive target identification, giving you a crucial advantage in a crisis.

Every feature of the XSC showcases SureFire’s reputation for innovation. Our intuitive, tactile switching won’t leave you fumbling in high-stress situations. Whether you need momentary- or constant-on illumination, the XSC provides the peace of mind of easy activation with either hand. Multiple gaskets ensure waterproof/weatherproof protection; the XSC is IPX 7-rated (1 meter of submersion for 30 minutes) for rock-solid reliability in wet weather conditions must-have reliability in the wettest conditions.

If you’re serious about your protection, there’s simply no other option than the Surefire XSC. You can trust it with your life. For more information, visit SureFire.com.


SureFire XSC micro-compact WeaponLightSureFire XSC Specifications
Output: 350 lumens
Runtime: 30 minutes
Peak Beam Intensity: 2,000 candela
Distance: 90 meters
Construction: Aluminum
Finish: Mil-Spec Hard Anodized
Weight: (w/batteries) 1.7 oz (48.2 g)
Length: 1.94 inches (4.9 cm)
Bezel Diameter: .78 inches (1.9cm)
Batteries: One proprietary rechargeable lithium polymer 3.7V battery (dual-bay charger included, extra batteries sold separately)
Switching: Ambidextrous momentary-on/constant-on