SF RYDER 22-S on ZEV Glock
The SureFire SF RYDER 22-S suppressor is the ideal thread-on suppressor for .22-caliber pistols (shown) and rifles. It helps protects the shooter’s hearing and makes shooting even more fun.

The SureFire SF RYDER 22-S is a great way to introduce new and experienced shooters to the joys of shooting with a suppressor, but why even bother threading one onto such a small-caliber gun anyway?

Here’s why: Even the diminutive .22 LR cartridge delivers enough noise to the shooter’s ear when fired to cause permanent hearing loss if you’re not wearing proper hearing protection. Most .22 pistols and rifles deliver 140 dB when unsuppressed. That may pale in comparison to the 165-dB crack produced by the average unsuppressed .223-caliber rifle, but when it comes to robbing you of your hearing, the .22 LR is more than noisy enough to get the job done. On top of that, the .22 LR is a sneakier thief. Its muzzle report and recoil won’t likely get the attention of most shooters like a .223 will, but when you add up that seemingly harmless 140-dB exposure during a day at the range the damage may be done before you realize it.

So when you think about it in those terms, the SF RYDER 22-S is an effective insurance policy for your ears. Its patented baffle design reduces noise to 115 dB in most applications — a substantial decrease compared to an unsuppressed .22. SureFire engineers designed the SF RYDER 22-S with heat-treated, stainless-steel pig-nose baffles that deliver superior sound attenuation by precisely directing the discharged gases as they move through the suppressor with each round fired. Shoot more. Hear less.

And let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like shooting a suppressed weapon. In addition to reducing a gun’s environmental noise footprint, curbing its muzzle report can increase confidence in new shooters, allowing them to focus more on the fundamentals of shooting without anticipating the harsh noise of each shot. Granted, any supersonic round will still exhibit a distinctive cracking sound as it breaks the sound barrier while traveling down range, but noise at the shooter’s ear is reduced substantially — and it’s virtually nonexistent when subsonic .22 LR ammo is used. To hear an example, check out the following suppressor video, featuring SureFire Vice President, Suppressors and Weapons, Barry Dueck.

Whether you’re new or experienced shooter, shooting with the SF RYDER 22-S is flat cool, and you’ll want to keep doing it again and again. Of course, there are federal laws that govern the purchase, ownership and possession of suppressors.  Our How To Buy a Suppressor Legally guide on this site provides what you need to know to remain on the right side of these laws.

The SF RYDER 22-S weighs a mere 5 ounces, and it measures just 5.4 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter. Shorter and lighter than many suppressors in its class, it minimizes adverse effects on weapon weight, balance and maneuverability. But it isn’t short on durability. Built to exacting standards like SureFire’s SOCOM contract-winning Fast-Attach® suppressors for center-fire calibers, the RYDER 22-S features a patented aluminum body with rounded ends and flutes that reduce weight without sacrificing strength — it can handle more than its fair share of abuse. A stainless-steel back plate also contributes to its overall rigidity and durability. Coated with a tough Type III Mil-Spec hard-anodized finish that resists scratches, abrasion and corrosion, the RYDER SF 22-S will also stay looking great over the long haul.

Versatility is a big part of the SF RYDER 22-S’s appeal. It’s optimized for higher pressure .17 HMR and .22 Magnum rounds and full-auto rated so you can plink away at the range or hunt varmints for decades with little more than routine basic maintenance to keep your SF RYDER SF22-S quiet and accurate, round after round.

SureFire SF RYDER 22-S numbers indexed and baffled
The SF RYDER 22-S features sturdy stainless-steel baffles that are indexed and numbered for foolproof reassembly after cleaning.

When the fun’s over, cleaning the SF RYDER 22-S’s stainless-steel baffles is very simple. They’re Mil-Spec hard anodized to resist carbon buildup, and built-in spacers between the baffles help to keep the suppressor clean longer. Simply apply your favorite non-flammable cleaning solvent, wipe until the stainless-steel finish is visible again, and you’re good to go. The baffles are indexed and numbered for foolproof reassembly, so you’ll never have to worry about putting them back in the proper order. Every SF RYDER 22-S also includes an assembly/disassembly tool for removing the baffle stack and reassembling it after cleaning, and a spud-extension tool that aids in pushing the baffle stack out of the body tube.

Precision single-point cut 1/2 X 28 threads provide secure and easy attachment to any appropriately threaded .22 caliber pistol or rifle barrel, with no tools required. SureFire even includes a handy spacer for attaching the SF RYDER 22-S to rifles with longer threads. There’s also a suppressor holster that provides protection when your SF RYDER 22-S is stored off the weapon.

The SureFire SF RYDER 22-S is the ideal suppressor for virtually any .22-caliber pistol or rifle application. Its performance and durability make it a great value, but its greatest appeal is that shooting with it is just plain fun. If you train or spend a lot of range time in .22 mode, this is definitely one SureFire suppressor you’re going to want.

SureFire SF RYDER 22-S mounted on pistols

For more information on the SF RYDER 22-S and all of SureFire’s world-class suppressors, tactical illumination tools and equipment, visit SureFire.com.