Introduced June 1, 1996, the SureFire L72 Red Laser sight pushed the envelope of solid-state lasers that were being adapted by military and law enforcement units seeking the ultimate in fast target acquisition and shooting accuracy.

SureFire L72 studio
The SureFire L72 Red Laser sight was  robust and rugged, delivering a 5-milliWatt visible red laser for fast, accurate target acqusition.

Like the L75 that came before it, the L72 advanced the state of the art that SureFire established in 1990 with the L70 (also known as the 7LSM), which introduced the industry’s first solid state laser sight. The L72 delivered a 5-milliWatt, 635-nM, visible red laser to any target. It could be threaded into existing Surefire WeaponLight systems, including SureFire’s Model 628F, 629 and 629F dedicated WeaponLight forends for H&K MP5 submachinegun and H&K 94 and 53 carbines. And it was also adaptable to a wide variety of weapons via numerous SureFire mounts and could be activated quickly via compatible SureFire tape switches.

The L72 was a hard-mount laser design that eliminated the need for the adjustment springs and screws on other designs, which were susceptible to vibration and recoil. Equipped with dual precision optical beam adjustment rings, it was easy to zero and kept the laser diode in a secure, fixed position. The rings could be adjusted to set the beam on target and, once zeroed, were locked into position via locking screws. This system unique system maintained zero and withstood the forces of recoil and rigorous use in any hostile environment. L72s also featured calibrated windage and elevation scales engraved on the laser body, allowing the unit to be swapped easily onto different weapons.

Like all SureFire products, the L72 was built to thrive in harsh conditions. Its hard-anodized aluminum body resisted abrasion, and its O-ring seals provided waterproof submersion protection to a depth of 30 meters. It weighed a mere 4.6 ounces and measured 1.95 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter, minimizing adverse effect on weapon handling.

Today, the same benefits proven by the L2, including no-compromise performance, supreme reliability and ease of use, are found in a variety of SureFire WeaponLight/laser sight products for pistols and rifles. Models such as SureFire’s X-Series WeaponLights and new Scout Light Pro long-gun WeaponLights are still trusted by everyone from elite military teams to patriot citizens.

For over 40 years, SureFire has committed itself to innovating and producing the finest tactical tools for personal defense. The L72 is a historical milestone along that timeline. For more information on all of SureFire’s tactical illumination tools and tactical gear, visit,


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