No pun intended, but SureFire’s EDCL1-T and EDCL2-T are shining examples of how SureFire always responds to the needs of its customers with category-defining solutions in the EDC flashlights segment.

SureFire EDCL1-T_and_EDCL2-T flashlights
SureFire’s EDCL1-T and EDCL2-T descend from a distinguished line that has written the book on how EDC flashlights should perform.

Both of these premium models are pure SureFire, striking the optimum balance between size and output. Designed specifically for everyday carry, they feature two unique EDC traits: 1) a gas pedal tactical tailcap switch that provides momentary-on high output when pressed to the stop and momentary-on low output when pressed lightly, while constant-on is activated by twisting the tailcap; 2) a durable black oxide-coated steel pocket clip that greatly increases their utility, providing secure carry plus easy attachment to a hat brim or hearing protection. They’re also machined of aerospace aluminum and Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability.

And both are part of a SureFire everyday carry flashlight legacy that dates back to the first SureFire E1B Backup, a tactical illumination tool originally developed for the law enforcement community with input from veteran police officers.

SureFire EDC Flashlights Back(up) Story

SureFire pioneered the compact high-output flashlight when it introduced the 6C back in 1988. It was a game-changing moment for the industry, and the 6C led the way toward multiple innovative flashlight models from SureFire, including E-Series everyday-carry flashlights which arrived at the turn of the millennium.

SureFire E1E Executive Elite flashlight
SureFire E1E Executive Elite

The single-SF123-cell E1E Executive Elite of 2003 deserves much of the credit for charting the course that led to SureFire’s seminal everyday-carry models. A descendant of the original E1 Executive Series, the E1E took compact flashlight durability and reliability to new extremes. It was still powered by a high-performance incandescent lamp, but SureFire was already redefining the possibilities of LED flashlights for tactical use. The new LumaMax™ diode blew away the low-grade diodes found in the cheap imported keychain lights found in dime stores and gas stations everywhere, and the LumaMax L1 was the first SureFire product to showcase this breakthrough in LED flashlight technology. When SureFire introduced the KL1 accessory bezel, a screw-on replacement to convert the E1E Executive Elite to LED power, the die was cast.

SureFire E1B Backup flashlight
SureFire E1B Backup

The original E1B Backup was introduced in 2008 as the ideal backup light for cops. It was ultracompact and extremely lightweight, and it was also amazingly powerful for its size. Fueled by a single 123A lithium battery, its virtually impact-proof LED delivered 80 lumens of intense white light, providing the user with the means to disrupt the night-adapted vision of any would-be attacker and gain a tactical advantage. The Backup was a quantum leap in output over the 17 lumens of a KL1-headed Executive Elite.

Just as with computers and other electronic components, the pace of SureFire LED flashlight development was rapid, and new variations of the Backup soon appeared with slightly different nomenclature. Known as the EB1C and the EB1T, these mini EDC flashlights cranked out 300 lumens of blinding white light. SureFire also introduced a pair of dual-battery Backups, the EB2C and EB2T, which delivered 500 lumens of blinding light at high output. The primary difference between the C and T versions was that the C tailcap featured a click-on/off switch and the T featured the gas pedal switch/twist tailcap. All four models were available in black or silver finishes, and their light output was focused by another groundbreaking technology, the SureFire Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens.

SureFire EB1T EDC flashlights
SureFire EB1T (shown here) and EB1C flashlights were available in silver or black. EB1T models featured the tactical gas-pedal/twist cap while EB1C models featured a click tailcap. SureFire also produced dual-cell EBC2 versions of the T and C models.

A TIR lens is optically engineered to produce a true high-candela spotlight beam configuration. Precision-molded from a clear, tough cyclo-olefin polymer that surrounds the LED emitter and gathers virtually all the light produced, a TIR lens reflects and refracts it forward in an optimal configuration. This creates a bright central cone of light that reaches out to longer distances, surrounded by a cone containing the remainder of the emitted light that provides ample peripheral light for maintaining situational awareness.

The Backup family’s pace of development was so rapid that it wasn’t long before the EB1 was soon producing 500 lumens from a single 123A lithium-ion battery while its big brother the dual-battery EB2 broke through the 1,000-lumen barrier. Now producing more than double a maximum output undreamed of just a few years earlier, both models received additional significant upgrades as SureFire engineers sought greater durability and longer battery life from each. At the same time, it became clear that Backup models weren’t only ideal for LE use but also as EDC flashlights for civilians as well. Thus, it was decided that the EB1 and EB2 nomenclature would be replaced with something better suited to reflect the value of these lights for everyday use.

Enter the EDCL1-T and EDCL2-T

EDCL stands for “EveryDay Carry Light.” The numeral specifies the number of SF123 batteries required to power each model, and the “T” signifies that these are TIR-focused EDC flashlights. Designed for unobtrusive 24/7/365 carry, the EDCL1-T produces 500 lumens from its single 123A lithium battery while the EDCL2-T delivers a blazing 1,200 lumens from two 123As, making it the most powerful model in our EDC family. Both the EDCL1-T and EDCL2-T feature rugged LEDs, and their light output is shaped to produce a versatile beam with exceptional reach while maintaining plenty of spill light for situational awareness — an essential quality in an everyday carry light.  The two-stage tactical tailcap lets you instantly choose momentary-on maximum output when its gas pedal switch is pressed fully or a 5-lumen low output deal for task lighting when it is pressed lightly. Twisting the tailcap activates constant-on in two stages — low output first, then high output.

SureFire EDC flashlight history

Still popular with law enforcement officials, the EDCL1-T and EDCL2-T are also used by legions of patriot citizens who trust them for everything from self-defense to changing a flat tire on a dark back road.

The Backup Still Has Your Back

Fortunately, the release of the EDCL1-T and EDCL2-T didn’t spell the end of SureFire’s extremely popular Backup in the EDC flashlights segment. Still in high demand by law enforcement professionals, the modern E1B-MV Backup mimics the dimensions of the original Backup, but SureFire’s MaxVision Beam® technology now helps light the way.

SureFire E1B Backup flashlight
SureFire E1B-MV Backup

MaxVision produces a beam configuration tailored to the human eye response for the entire field of view. SureFire illumination tools with this optic are perfect for closer-range applications and for maintaining maximum situational awareness. The beam pattern is created by a special 14 mm reflector with precisely engineered surface undulations and a highly efficient reflective coating to maximize output. Its click tailcap provides instant access to 400 lumens of high-output first, plus a 5-lumen low output for a variety of tasks that don’t require maximum luminosity. It’s an ultracompact, ultra-versatile companion whether you’re patrolling the mean streets, the great outdoors or your backyard.

Whatever your profession or application — and regardless of the specific model you choose — a SureFire light in your pocket guarantees that you will never be in the dark.