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In recent years, firearm-mounted lights have grown in output while shrinking in size, offering consumers an opportunity to add an extremely useful tool to their self-defense platform without much added bulk. In 2018, SureFire set a new bar in terms of illumination power with the launch of its XH30 weaponlight, providing a maximum output of 1,000 lumens.

SureFire XH30 MasterFire weapon light
Designed to interface with SureFire’s revolutionary MasterFire Rapid Deploy Holster system, the SureFire XH30 WeaponLight delivers a 1,000-lumen blast of TIR-focused white light. When paired with the HD1-R holster, it can be instantly activated on the draw stroke.


Having a weaponlight mounted on a personal-defense or home-defense gun offers great benefits to armed citizens, since the attached light allows for fast, intuitive target identification in low-light environments. When it comes to high-lumen designs like the SureFire XH30 WeaponLight, users can aim their guns at the floor, allowing light to bounce off and illuminate surroundings, avoiding the safety violation of potentially aiming a firearm in an unsafe direction while illuminating surroundings.

Designed for durability, the SureFire XH30 weaponlight is built on an aluminum body that features a hard-coat anodized finish that offers enhanced wear and weather resistance. To further protect the light’s internals from the weather, each joint in the aluminum housing guards against moisture penetration with built-in O-ring seals. The light’s rugged construction is further enhanced with a shock-proof LED that will withstand the harsh G forces applied by vigorous handgun recoil. The lens also features the company’s Total Internal Reflection technology, which works to both throw light far in front of the muzzle as well as provide a wide-reaching beam that illuminates a user’s surroundings.

A built-in attachment mechanism is compatible with both Picatinny and Universal frame rails, allowing the SureFire XH30 WeaponLight to be attached to most handguns on the market. At the rear of the light body is an ambidextrous toggle switch, allowing owners to swap between the blinding, 1,000-lumen output option and a lower 300-lumen mode. The light also features two selector switches that enable users to choose between continuous-on operation and a disorienting strobe mode. For those who prefer to use pressure-activated DG switches that allow them to maintain their handgun grip, the XH30 can be configured to operate with compatible DG pressure pads.

At the bezel-end of the light, users will find a cam-slotted design that works with the company’s innovative MasterFire holster system, providing secure retention while holstered. A pair of locking lugs on the battery housing also interface with the MasterFire holster system, allowing the light to be automatically activated during a draw. Each SureFire XH30 weaponlight is powered by two CR123A batteries, providing 1.25 hours of run time on the light’s highest setting. Overall, the XH30 measures 3.7 inches long, 1.25 inches wide and weighs 4.8 ounces.

The suggested retail price on the light is $299.