The SureFire Titan® Plus keychain flashlight delivers professional-grade illumination in a form factor of roughly the same dimensions as the average adult’s index finger, and the same weight as four house keys, making it an excellent everyday carry tool that can be carried unobtrusively by anyone on the go.

SureFire Titan Plus keychain flashlight with keys on log
The SureFire Titan Plus keychain flashlight is a durable ultra-compact everyday carry light that delivers up to 300 lumens of MaxVision Beam-tailored light. Featuring multiple output settings, the Titan Plus provides the right illumination for a wide range of tasks.

While SureFire’s Titan keychain flashlight is a tough act to follow, the “pluses” in the Titan Plus really set it apart from the Titan. Measuring an ultra-compact 3.375 inches in length, the Titan Plus is the ideal keychain flashlight for extreme environments, offering tremendous power, utility and durability. It delivers more than twice the maximum output of the standard Titan — 300 lumens of flawless white light — from its high-performance LED. That’s a true night-and-day difference.

Minimal Size, Max Vision

SureFire’s paradigm-shifting MaxVision Beam® technology is a key factor (pardon the pun) in the Titan Plus’s performance, producing a uniform beam configuration tailored to the human eye response for the entire field of view. Like everything SureFire does, there’s considerable science and engineering behind it, but here are the basics: With this type of beam, the intensity varies gradually from the beam’s center out to its edges, so you don’t perceive the bright center spot when you shine the beam on a wall. Even though the beam’s center is still over 10 times brighter than its outer edges, the eye views it as a seamless light pattern.

The MaxVision Beam pattern is created by multiple precisely engineered facets in the Titan Plus’s 10 mm reflector. These facets and a highly efficient reflective coating produce the utmost in efficiency to maximize output. Although the Titan Plus’s beam distance is a far-reaching 66 meters on max setting, the MaxVision Beam is perfect for the type of close-range applications where the Titan Plus will be used most often (objects within 25 meters). The Titan Plus also generates two other useful light levels with a simple twist of its head switch: 75 lumens at its medium setting and 15 lumens on low. No matter which output level you choose, you’ll see things clearly. You’ll also be able to see them for a long time since the efficient Titan Plus affords a one-hour runtime on the high setting and up to seven hours on low.

While its keychain flashlight sibling, the SureFire Sidekick, features an integral lithium polymer battery, the Titan Plus is powered by a single AAA nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery, which is included. The NiMH battery can be recharged with an accessory charger, saving you money in the long run by allowing you to keep your Titan Plus ready for action. The Titan Plus can also be powered by a commonly available AAA alkaline battery.

To maintain maximum durability while retaining minimum weight, the Titan Plus features a durable nickel-plated brass body that is plenty strong while holding the Titan Plus to a mere 2 ounces (58 grams) of weight with the battery included. The nickel plating resists scratching and corrosion, so you might as well get used your Titan Plus, because it’s going to look as well as it performs for a long time to come. Every Titan Plus also includes a stainless-steel split ring for secure attachment to a keychain and a removable pocket clip, providing a wide range of secure-carry options.

The bottom line is that the Titan Plus is ready for anything, anytime, anywhere. That’s what makes it a SureFire illumination tool. For more information on the Titan Plus and SureFire’s complete line of innovative tactical illumination tools, visit

Titan Plus keychain flashlight lights emergency Jeep repair
Whether you choose the included stainless-steel split ring for secure kaychain attachment or the removable pocket clip, the Titan Plus is an easy-to-carry, powerful light that can help you out of a jam.

SureFire Titan Plus Keychain Flashlight Features

–Virtually indestructible, high-performance LED is regulated to maximize output and runtime at three useful levels: 300, 75, and 15 lumens

–Proprietary faceted reflector creates broad, smooth MaxVision Beam® that matches your field of view and allows for better situational awareness

–Head switch — simply twist counterclockwise repeatedly to activate and set output levels

–Powered by an included rechargeable AAA NiMH battery; can also be powered by a single readily available AAA alkaline battery

–Removable pocket clip allows countless secure-carry options

–Included stainless steel split ring securely attaches to keys

–Backed by SureFire’s No-Hassle Guarantee

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