SureFire has released another episode of its Field Notes video series on YouTube. Field Notes Episode 63 features Hilton Yam of 10-8 Performance as he offers some insider tips on the basic handling of the 1911/2011 handgun platform.

Hilton Yam appearing in SureFire Field Notes Episode 63
If you choose to shoot or carry a 1911- or 2011-style handgun, 10-8 Performance’s Hilton Yam has some tips and techniques that will help improve your proficiency. The former FBI Special Agent discussed them in SureFire Field Notes Episode 63.

Yam’s tips are geared toward the 1911/2011 user who may be switching from a striker-fired handgun. While the bare-bones basics of firing these handgun variants may be the same, the 1911 and 2011 respond well to a few unique tips regarding their care and feeding, and how to operate them safely. For example, there’s a good reason you should avoid dropping the slide on an empty chamber. Yam explains how to properly release the slide on an empty, unloaded firearm, and also how to manipulate the slide properly after a reload by using the support hand thumb. He also discusses correct manipulation of the thumb safety for range use and tactical applications.  You can check out Field Notes Episode 63 below and then head to the SureFire YouTube channel for more Field Notes episodes covering a wide variety of firearms-related topics.

Hilton Yam is a retired FBI Special Agent, and the founder of 10-8 Performance, specializing in premium components and sights for the 1911 and other handguns. 10-8 also provides a multitude of training opportunities for shooters seeking to improve their skills. During a career of over 21 years in the Miami Field Office, one the FBI’s largest and busiest, Yam was assigned to bank robbery, fugitives, and firearms training. He spent 19 years on SWAT and served as his team’s principal instructor for firearms, CQB, and tactics. He is also an FBI certified Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Senior Tactical Instructor, Rappel Master, and ALERRT Active Shooter Response Instructor. For more information on 10-8 Performance, visit

Hilton Yam, 10-8 Performance, SureFire Field Notes Episode 63

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