SureFire Overland Expo West 2021

SureFire recently attended the 2021 Overland Expo West at Fort Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff, Arizona, using the opportunity to display our line of innovative illumination tools and other equipment and introduce the brand to customers that represent a rising trend in outdoor recreation.

Never heard of Overlanding? Consider it the most extreme sub-genre of vehicular camping. Some have aptly defined it as “backpacking out of a vehicle.” Drawing inspiration everywhere from survivalist types to rally raid-style off-road events, Overlanding is about getting out and exploring the wilderness with a vehicle. It can be anything from a bicycle to an extreme 4×4, but it should be appropriately equipped to navigate extreme terrain that would stop the average camper trailer or motorhome dead in its tracks. Put in even simpler terms, the goal of Overlanding is to get gone. Real gone.

While not new, Overlanding has become a more mainstream avenue for outdoor exploration in just the past few years, and the global pandemic of 2020 has appeared to shift its popularity into high gear. As a wave of new participants has driven this extreme camping segment, the outdoor recreation industry has responded with a multitude of exciting and innovative products. Overland Expo West featured more than 400 exhibitors offering everything from highly specialized turnkey vehicles and parts, to tools, tents, cargo cases, food and cooking implements, apparel, and more. It was a one-stop shop for Overlanding enthusiasts seeking specialized products to help them get away from it all.

SureFire’s Overland Expo West booth display included an Overlander-ready Toyota Tacoma outfitted with SureFire-equipped firearms and gear at the ready. The setup consisted of an RLD Designs USA Canopy with a cabinet and an insert made by The items contained as followed top to bottom, left to right (see above photo) included a Bravo Company USA 11.5 AR with a SureFire SOCOM556-RC2 suppressor, SureFire Scout Light Pro with DS-SR07, Dueck Defense RTS, Aimpoint T2, L3 AN/PEQ15 and Magpul stock, grips and PMAG; Oakley M-Frame Alpha eye-pro set; Haley Strategic sling; SureFire Sonic Defenders EP5 hearing protection; SureFire HS2-MV Minimus headlamp; SureFire Fury Intellibeam; Glock 17 Gen5 with SureFire X300U-A, Dueck Defense RBU and Aimpoint ACRO P1; two Glock 17 magazines with TTI basepads and two Magpul PMAG30 magazines.

Quality is the most crucial factor when shopping for Overlanding equipment. As the segment is all about self-reliance, the last thing any overlander needs is to have a critical piece of gear fail them when they’re miles off the grid. That’s why you won’t see many of these hard-core enthusiasts quibbling about price when putting together their Overlanding rig and outfitting it with the gear they need to survive in extreme environments. They want the best.

SureFire completely understands that mindset. For more than 40 years, our products have been proven by the most demanding professionals in the harshest conditions anywhere on planet Earth. Designed to the most exacting standards and manufactured of the finest materials, every SureFire handheld or hands-free light is guaranteed to perform for life. As a result, you can count on your SureFire illumination tool to deliver supreme durability and rock-solid reliability in any environment, giving you peace of mind in situations where your survivability may depend on it.

When you consider the alternative, there’s no reason not to go with the world’s finest and most innovative illumination tools. Go SureFire.