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Surefire announced a new pistol light. It’s so new we don’t even have all the details. However, we have one in our hands, right now.

It’s called the XH35, and we think it’s Surefire’s first dual-output pistol weapon mounted light (WML) –not counting the company’s IR/Vampire models. User selectable output is either 500 or 1,000 lumens, though early literature lists the low-power mode as 300 lumens. There’s also a strobe setting, if you’re into that kind of thing.

The XH35 shoots a wide, diffused beam; a change from its X series of pistol lights which have a more defined hotspot. As with their other wide angle reflectors, the XH35 falls under the company’s MaxVision Beam product line.

As far as holster compatibility, Surefire designed the XH35 to fit the company’s HD1-R Masterfire holster. If you’re not down with the Masterfire concept, a local Kydex bender should be able to whip something up.

The XH35 controls are similar to the X-series lights: push for momentary, rock for constant on; Surefire’s DG switches are also compatible, for those that want an activation pad on the grip.

Here are some beamshots of the XH35 alongside some legacy Surefire pistol WMLs

Testing in urban environments during hours of darkness

And the one everyone is concerned about because the X35 features a very wide beam pattern: Punching through existing lights such as these floods.