The SureFire X400 series of WeaponLight was hailed as the finest handgun light in the world when it was released to the public on February 12, 2008, and while it has received significant upgrades since then, its exemplary status remains unchanged.

SureFire X400 mounted on a Kimber Warrior
With over a decade of proven reliable service under its belt, the SureFire X400 series continues to epitomize the modern WeaponLight.

SureFire literature correctly described the original X400 as a tiny, tough package that turns your pistol into a formidable weapon that rules the night. The X400 built upon the already emerging legacy of the X300 by increasing overall utility in the form of a laser sight. “With the addition of a cleanly integrated red laser sight below its LED, the X400 adds one more level of functionality. Its laser has a 5-milliwatt power output at 635 nanometers wavelength, making it nearly twice as visible to the human eye as any competitor’s, so it is easier to track at longer distances. And because the sighting adjustment uses Nylok® screws, which don’t back out or easily loosen the effects of recoil, the X400 rarely needs to be re-zeroed — even after extended use.”

Nowadays, with over a decade of proven service, the X400 remains a high-ranking member of SureFire’s comprehensive lineup of WeaponLights, encompassing not just one model, but four. All of them are engineered to meet the specific needs of everyone from elite military and law enforcement units to citizens who desire a rugged, dependable WeaponLight for home defense use.

SureFire X400 laser light right side profile
The SureFire X400-A-GN features a high-visibility green laser and 1000 lumens of TIR-focused LED white light.

When it first appeared, the X400’s recoil-proof LED put out a class-leading 110 lumens of LED white light. The current flagship X400U delivers nearly 10 times that amount — a blazing 1000 lumens, focused by SureFire’s proprietary Total Internal Reflection lens. The TIR provides optimal reach for long-distance tracking as well as substantial spill light for situational awareness.

Today’s X400 customers also have the option of choosing between the X400U-A-GN with its high-vis, 515-nanometer green laser or the X400U-A-RD with its traditional 635-nanometer red laser. For NVG use, the X400V combines a 350-lumen infrared/white LED light with a Class-I infrared laser. Users of SureFire’s innovative MasterFire Rapid Deploy Holster can also select the X400VH, which is specifically designed to index with the holster to instantly activate the light and/or laser when the weapon is drawn. Every X400 can accept SureFire’s DG handgun-strap pressure switch for even more versatility, and rifle users can attach the it to their Picatinny rails and activate it with momentary- and/or constant-on switching options.

SureFire X400VH with SureFire MasterFire Holster
SureFire has expanded the X400 line to include the X400VH, which seamlessly integrates with the SureFire MasterFire Rapid Deploy Holster.

From then until now, X400 users have always been able to count on SureFire’s intuitive, proprietary toggle switches, which facilitate ambidextrous, momentary-on or constant-on activation with one finger, and every X400 model ever produced still incorporates SureFire’s rugged, Mil-Spec hard-anodized aerospace aluminum body that’s O-ring and gasket sealed for supreme durability in the harshest environments. However, modern SureFire X400s also feature a unique switching system for quick selection of white light only, laser only, white light plus laser or system disable.

Just as it was back then, the X400 is dependable, high-performance WeaponLight to which you can trust your life. The X400 has not only stood the test of time, it continues to epitomize the modern WeaponLight.

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